Pilates is a systematic whole body training for the strengthening of the muscles, primarily of pelvic, abdominal and back muscles.
Many people spend the day without any physical awareness. They do not pay attention to their bodies until they signal distress. Pilates is the ideal way to develop a stronger awareness of body, mind and soul. Pilates regularly exercise can help to consciously exercise one’s own physical activity, movement pattern, breathing and mood.

It can help develop the intelligence of one’s own body. This intelligence allows us to respect the needs of the body and to lead a healthier life. Pilates’ ability to improve daily life is one of the main reasons why Pilates has been gaining popularity for years.

Our Course time schedulle: 

  • Tuesday 18 – 19 Uhr
  • Tuesday 19 – 20 Uhr
  • Wednesday 18 – 19 Uhr


  • 1o times sessions abonament: 230.-
  • ½ year abonament: 490.-
  • Year abonament: 690.-