Back Training

Back Training

Do you suffer from regular tension or back pain?
Do you frequently feel restricted by your recurring or persistent back pain at work and / or leisure time? This puts you as one of the two-third of the population that suffers from back problems.

The back training course is designed as an active movement, perception and behavior training, which is partly supplemented by small hand tools and aids such as balls, Therabands, dumbbells, black roll, etc. It consists of exercises to increase activity, promote specific physical performance, body awareness and relaxation, posture training, and most important, back-specific theoretical information.

The risk factors for back problems are:
Unilateral heavy physical stress / work as well as sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, overweight, wrong body posture and stress and other mental stressful life situations.

Why back training:

The specific training of the back or the trunk as compensation for the movement monotony in everyday life and work.
Preservation, promotion and restoration of back health and prevention of chronicity of back problems.
Stimulating motivation to engage more intensively with one’s own body (back).
Our course times:

Thursday from 6pm to 7pm

3 months subscription: 270.-
½ year subscription: 490.-
Annual subscription: 690.-